Quilter’s Clapper 9″x9″


Quilter’s Clapper 9 X 9″



Quilter’s Clapper

We’ve just made ironing that block easier.  The Quilter’s Clapper has been designed to flatten those larger areas.  It is used to press seams without burning.


Used with steam from your iron, press the area with the Quilter’s Clapper and hold for just a few seconds, it will leave a nice, flatten seam.

9″ wide x 9″ long and 1.5″ tall weighing approximately 3.6 pounds

The top is rounded over and smooth with a wooden knob for easy pick up.  Item is unfinished to absorb the steam better.

Colors may vary from the above picture, the may be lighter or darker depending on the variations of color in the wood used.

Made from solid Red Oak. Made in the U.S.A