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Sewing & Quilting
Tools - The Dream Set!


Sewing Quilting Tools - Dream Set

What a wonderful gift set for a person who sews or quilts.
This bundle set is at a discounted price. If purchased
separate, the cost would be over $175.00 plus shipping.

This beautiful solid Oak bundle set includes the following:


The Tailors Clapper is a must for sewing and ironing.
It is used to press seams without burning. I discovered
the clapper when I was taking a sewing class on making
jeans and wondered how I ever sewed without it. Now,
I use it on everything I make.

Used with steam from your iron, press the area with
the clapper and hold for just a few seconds, it will leave
a nice crisp seam.

Larger Clapper weights about 1.2 lbs and measures
11 ½” inches long, 3” wide tapered down to 2 1/2 inches
and is 1 1/2” thick. Medium Clapper weighs 12oz, and
measure 9 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide tapering down to 2".
Smaller clapper weighs 6 oz, and measure 8" long
2" wide tapered down to 1 1/2" and is 1 1/2" thick.

Both sides have routed grooves to offer easy handling
and is unfinished to absorb the steam better.

Colors may vary from the above picture, they may be
lighter or darker depending on the variations of color
in the wood used.


Set of 4 pattern weights are just the thing to hold those
pattern pieces in place instead of pins while you cut with
your scissors or rotary cutter.

Also great for tracing patterns.

Made of beautifully crafted Oak and weighing
approximately 8 oz each, set of 4 weights approximately
2 lbs and measures 1 1/2" in height and 3" diameter.
Bottom is unfinished to help prevent shifting.

The center of the weight of filled with lead. Lead is
completely encased in wood.

Colors may vary from the above picture, they may be
lighter or darker depending on the variations of color
in the wood used.


Here’s is a valuable piece of equipment that every sewer
needs. This is actually two tools in one. The top, narrow-
surfaced, point presser side works like a tiny ironing
board for pressing hard-to-reach seams and enclosed
corners, like those on collars, lapels, and cuffs.

A point presser is used for pressing hard-to-reach seams.
Slip the seam, wrong side up, over the point and press

The bottom, clapper side is used to apply pressure to set
permanent creases to form crisp edges, and flatten bulky

To use, first apply steam to the area with your iron, then
press with the clapper, leaning on it and applying as
much pressure as possible. Hold this position until both
the fabric and wood (which presses the steam into the
area without adding heat) have cooled.


Perfect pressing is the most important process in making your hand sewn items look more crisp and professional.

The Tailors Board a has variety of flat surfaces, angles and curved edges that aid in helping to shape the garments seams to fit the body.

Comes unfinished.

Sewing Quilting Tools - Dream Set made in the USA




Sewing Quilting Tools - Dream Set

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