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Quilting - Sewing Ruler
with Handle

Quilting Ruler with Handle Sewing Ruler with Handle


The Quilting and Sewing Ruler with a Handle
is the perfect tool to give your project that professional

Here is a non-slip 24” X 6”ruler that no sewer or quilter
should be without. The handle is handmade of solid oak
and 2” tall. When you apply minimal pressure to the
handle, the fabric doesn’t move. The handle is
proportioned almost the whole length of the ruler giving
more pressure distributed evenly to keep fabric from
moving when being cut with a rotary cutter keeping your
hands safety away from the blade. Every strip and block
will be cut accurately.

The ruler is ¼” thick which adds an extra measure
of security when cutting. Weighs approximately
2 lbs.

Use this ruler for strip cutting and squaring up.
It have 1?, 1/2?, 1/4?, and 1/8? markings along
with angle markings.

Colors may vary from the above picture, they
may be lighter or darker depending on the
variations of color in the wood used.

Professional Sewing Ruler  Made in USA

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